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Have you ever been walking down the street and wondered what it might feel like to be followed by flashing cameras and screaming fans? Having a normal day out shopping in New Orleans turn into a media event? What would it be like if you were suddenly turned into a superstar? Famous for a day can answer those questions. Famous for a Day specializes in the rent or hire of personal paparazzi photographers and rabid fans to give you or a deserving friend the feel of being an A-list celebrity!

Fame Starts Here

If you have ever wondered what the life of an A-list celebrity is actually like, now is the time to find out.

Celebrity worship is the classic All-American guilty pleasure trip. We all love to dish on the beautiful, rich and famous as they prance through the upmost of upscale events, their every move documented by ever-aggressive paparazzi fighting for that superstar scoop. Have you ever fantasized being in that limelight yourself? Now you or your friends can be there. Don't just dream it - do it! Hire your own personal event photographers and be that flashy center of attention that will make New Orleans jealous.

Famous For A Day is the specialized spot to hire not just paparazzi but the whole celebrity experience. Have your rented event photographer follow you to your favorite spot - an upscale hotel, a cool jazz club, or even the scruffiest French Quarter dive bar. Dress to impress while fending off the flashbulbs and microphones being constantly thrust into your face. Experience the rush of fame and fortune in a uniquely personal way while becoming the toast of New Orleans for your special day.

The beauty of our program is its simplicity and fun. You rent the experience you would love to have and then go live it. We have event photographers, limousines and even screaming fans for hire. Plan ahead as much as you wish. Pick out the costume you dare to strut in public, practice your cool comeback lines, immerse yourself in character. Become one of the beautiful people. Soak up the cheers, jeers, jealousy and adulation you have spent your life dishing out and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime doing it.

The next day, when you have returned gently to earth, the world of paparazzi and media frenzy will become a real part of your memory for the rest of your life. You will have a personal connection with all your tabloid faves with pictures as proof. And, your favorite spot in New Orleans will forever be the place where it all happened. Learn More


We have paparazzi bundles that can cover any event. From the simple A-list celebrity on up to an absolute media frenzy! Want something outside of our standard package deals? Some screaming fans and autograph hounds thrown in as well? Ask about our custom packages!

a–list package

superstar package

  • 4 personal paparazzi
  • Up to 1 hour
  • Digital delivery of 10-15 pictures
  • 1 Bodyguard
  • More Info
  • reserve now

megastar package

  • 6 personal paparazzi
  • 2 hours
  • Digital delivery of 15-20 pictures
  • 1 bodyguard & 1 publicist
  • Limousine
  • More Info
  • reserve now

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Whether you are ready to go or still have some questions...You know you deserve the attention. You probably even have an occasion in mind. Time to alert the press - Give us a call and we will set up your day of fame!

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